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      Tern HSD & GSD Hauler Rack

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      The Hauler Rack is the Goldilocks of our front racks: Big enough to carry a whole lot of cargo but small enough to let you maneuver the bike with ease, it is just the right size for the Tern GSD and HSD. With an open-ended design and a handy bungee cord, the Hauler Rack is ready to carry backpacks, boxes, and other bulky items. And with mounting holes on the base, you can easily bolt a crate to the rack for a semi-permanent solution to carry groceries or smaller items.


      • Frame-mounted, designed to transport up to 20 kg ( 44 lb)
      • Goldilocks-sized: Big enough to carry lots of cargo, small enough not to hinder maneuverability
      • Hauls anything from large boxes to odd-shaped items
      • Includes four mounting holes, ideal for attaching crates
      • Includes two rear-facing bottle cage mounts
      • Compatible with Tern bikes equipped with a Combo Mount
      • Fits the Tern GSD and HSD without increasing the overall length of the bike
      • Compatible with Quick Release CMT for easy installation/removal in under a minute


        • Max Dimensions (per unit)
          320 × 315 × 215 mm (12.6 × 12.4 × 8.5 in)
        • Load capacity 
          20 kg (44.1 lb)
        • Material
        • Weight (per set)
          0.86 kg (1.9 lb)
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