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      Show your bike some love and book it in for a service.

      Our lead mechanic is a qualified engineer and is Shimano, Impulse and Bosch certified to give you peace of mind that your bike is in capable hands. 

      Our mechanical rate is charged at a rate of $80 per hour and services include the following:

      Services we provide

      • Standard Tune-Up
      • Electronic Diagnostic Check up
      • Drivetrain Cleaning – A clean bike is often a better functioning and longer lasting bike and nothing removes grime from components as safely or as well as an ultrasonic cleaning.
      • Comprehensive Bike Overhaul - An overhaul is a comprehensive service during which the complete bike is disassembled, bearings cleaned or replaced, drivetrain cleaned and cables and housing replaced
      • Custom Wheel Building – Our technicians love to build wheels to match a rider’s needs as well as possible. From cross pattern to spoke, hub and rim selection, let us build you wheels as well suited to your use and bike as possible.
      • Problem Solving & Diagnostics – Having trouble with a certain area of your bike? From figuring out where that annoying creak is coming from to advanced wiring issues, our technicians are some of the best trained and experienced.
      • Electronic Shifting – From Shimano Di2 to Rohloff, we can sell and service these systems. We offer full sales, installation, programming and diagnostics.
      • Setting Bikes to Fit Coordinates – We have fit countless riders and have set-up plenty of bikes to match their riders.
      • Pro Bike Build – Our technicians spend the time to build your bike right the first time.
      • Bike Packaging, Shipping & Receiving
      • Making tyres tubeless or tube replacement

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