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      Rental Terms and conditions 

      Electric Bike Rotorua

      Booking Conditions and Cancellation Policy

      • Please book for the maximum time you will want to ride for, to make the most of your ride and reduce any need to rush back. If you want to extend the booking whilst out on your ride - give us a bell! If there are no other riders waiting for that bike, we will do our best to accommodate the extra miles.
      • If the bike is returned early, the bracket which the time falls into for the bike return will be the amount charged. Otherwise, bikes must be returned by the booking end time.
      • Rental bookings require a 50% deposit to be confirmed. If no payment is processed, your booking is not confirmed. Please contact us on (+64)074600844 to proceed with your booking.
      • We operate a 48-hour cancellation policy, where if cancellation is made within 48 hours of your rental start time, then refund on deposit is forfeited. Re-booking to another date within 48 hours of the start time of your rental remains an option however is at the discretion of the operator and subject to availability. Utilising this automatically forfeits the ability to qualify for a refund on the specific booking.
      • If the bike is being hired overnight, then the renter is to ensure bikes are stored securely in a private enclosed area, where the equipment will not be exposed to theft or tampering. All means will be taken to protect the equipment from such exposure as best as possible, as this is a responsibility of renting equipment.
      • All offerings (tours, shuttles and rentals) are subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled at the discretion of the operator. We also reserve the right to alter the destination pending the weather for your safety and comfort.
      • The company will offer alternative days or refunds no greater than the fare paid in the event of cancellations. We reserve the right to use other trails in the event that the primary trail is unavailable for any reason.
      • The company will not be held responsible for any property loss or damage and or any claim resulting from personal injury or death arising whilst traveling with the company, participating in activities, on the bike, trail, van, or other company property. This disclaimer applies irrespective of the cause.
      • All prices are stated in NZD and include GST
      • Minors: All riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult carer, and the under 18 portion of the indemnity form must be signed.
      • An indemnity form must be completed prior to start of the activity
      • Photo ID must be accepted by the attendant
      • Payment and Cancellation Fees – 50% deposit is taken at the time of booking. Remainder payment is due upon return of equipment. Cancellation outside of 48 hours of the booking start time qualifies for a full refund on deposit. Cancellation inside of 48 hours forfeits any refund on deposit.

      • Your EBR adventure will be within National Park, Department of Conservation and Native New Zealand Forestry. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints/tyre marks. Always stick to the designated trail
      • All prices quoted include GST, Environmental Management Charge, and National Parks Fees where applicable.
      • For more information about the DOC or Great Lakes Council Trails, please visit www.doc.govt.nz and www.rotorualakescouncil.nz.


      Prior to my partaking in a rental hosted by Mohawk Adventures Limited (Electric Bike Rotorua), I agree to the following:

      Rules of the rental

      1. Riders must be a minimum of 5 years of age to ride solo, and with a legal guardian of 18 years or older.
      2. Riders must be able to present a valid form of legal photo identification.
      3. Riders must ride in a way in which does not endanger themselves or other users of the track. Deliberate excessive speed or reckless riding will result in your rental being terminated.
      4. All directions and instructions given by the instructor must be obeyed at all times.
      5. You must participate in the safety and operations briefing. You must then be deemed competent based upon our practical observations of you on the electric bike. If you are deemed a risk to yourself, other riders, or unable to utilise the equipment in a safe manner then your rental may be terminated at the discretion of the instructor.
      6. Helmets and fully enclosed footwear must be worn at all times while riding.
      7. All loose items and clothing (such as scarves, key chains, etc) must be removed prior to riding.
      8. Do not touch or try to adjust the motor or controls at any time. If tampering if evident that has resulted in damage, then this cost for repair will be passed on to the rider.
      9. If you are feeling uncomfortable or have any issues, you will come to a complete stop and enquire with the instructors by phoning the number on the bike.
      10. The tracks you may ride are also walking tracks, therefore you must be careful of walkers, especially around blind corners.
      11. . In the event of having to pick-up the renter, including any members using equipment on the rental booking, excluding a mechanical emergency, there will be a charge for the service. Pick-ups outside of these parameters are not available. The rental time ends on arrival back at the start location, e.g., 1280 Fenton Street or 13 Tryon Street. 


      Long Mile Road or Waipa Carpark

      Blue Lake or Te Putake O Tawa Carpark 

      Te Ara Ahi to Rainbow Mountain Area 

      CHARGE $ PER SHUTTLE (3Pax Max Per Shuttle)




      12. Late Fees: If you return your rental outside of our operating hours not agreed upon prior to departure, the following late fees will apply; up to 30minutes late = $50 per bike. 30 - 60 minutes late = $199 per bike. 60 minutes plus and the bike will be considered stolen if not communicated with the store, authorities will be notified. As the renter you agree that you are liable for any costs incurred to the activity operator by lateness.
      13. Should the equipment not be returned within the agreed booking time stipulated, and the Hirer (you) is unable to be made contact with, it will be deemed the Hirer to have lost/stolen the equipment and the business will take steps to regain possession including Police action and charging the value of the equipment and rental to the card allocated as the booking security

      Prior to partaking in this activity offered by Mohawk Adventures Limited, I agree to the following terms:


      1. I fully understand that riding an electric assisted mountain bike is deemed a risk activity and I voluntarily accept the risk of injury and/or damage consequent upon or arising while on rental with Mohawk Adventures Limited.
      2. I will abide by all rules of Mohawk Adventures Limited and any direction given by a Mohawk Adventures Limited employee at all times within the duration of the rental. I also acknowledge that non-compliance will result in the termination of my rental and my use of an electric mountain bike without refund.
      3. I acknowledge that using the above equipment can be a health risk to a pregnant woman. Mohawk Adventures Limited, (which expression includes all owners and employees thereof) accepts no liability for injury caused to a pregnant woman and/or her unborn child from use of this equipment. Medical advice should be sought before using any of the equipment listed above.
      4. I authorise Mohawk Adventures Limited and its employees to take and use photographs and/or films of me at Mohawk Adventures Limited without objection or charge including commercial usage thereof.
      5. I further declare that I am not under the influence of alcohol or any illicit substance.
      6. As the rider I accept responsibility for my damages to 3rd parties at all times during the activity.
      7. If the bike is being hired overnight, then the renter is to ensure bikes are stored securely in a private enclosed area, where the equipment will not be exposed to theft or tampering. All means will be taken to protect the equipment from such exposure as best as possible, as this is a responsibility of renting equipment. If an event happens to concern the equipment of theft or tampering, Electric Bike Rotorua must be told immediately. If it is found that reasonable efforts have not been taken to avoid exposure to the above, or there is clear carelessness, then charges will be applied with relevant measure to the work involved in recovering or repairing the bike e.g. paying the excess of an insurance claim.
      8. I accept that an excess will be payable of $1500 for any damage caused by me to my assigned equipment (including the electric mountain bike) or any other equipment (including other riders’), due to in any part at all, negligence or misuse, will be at my expense.
      9. I take responsibility for any children (under 18 years old) under my supervision during this rental are subject to the above terms and conditions. Should these terms be breached by a minor (under 18 years old) under my supervision, I am liable for any costs incurred.
      10. I take responsibility for all other participants riding under this booking, and sign so as part of this waiver and hireage.
      11. This signature is valid from the time of signing for the duration of the rental, and entire period I am responsible for hiring the equipment supplied by Mohawk Adventures Ltd.

      The parties to this booking agree as follows:


      1. Mohawk Adventures Limited operates an activity known as Electric Bike Rotorua Rentals which is a rental service & guided electric bike excursion for tourists and locals (customer).
      2. The customer and the customer’s respective executors, heirs and assignees acknowledge and agree that:
        a) The customer releases Mohawk Adventures Limited, its assignees, employees and agents to the full extent permitted by law from all or any action in tort, contract or any statutory claim, costs, damages, liabilities and losses arising from any accident, injury or death to any person or property damage sustained by the customer during the customer’s activities with the activity operator.
        b) The customer indemnifies Mohawk Adventures Limited, its assignees, employees and agents from and against all claims, proceedings, costs, damages, liabilities and losses which Mohawk Adventures Limited may become liable for arising from any loss, damage, death or injury sustained and caused or contributed to resulting from the customer’s activities with the activity operator.
        c) The customer warrants that they will inform Mohawk Adventures Limited if they are not in good health, receiving any medication whatsoever and are free from injury, medical condition, disability, disease or illness which may be aggravated by participation in the activities or may affect or interfere with the customer’s ability to engage in the activities with the activity operator.
        d) The customer further warrants that they will at all times within the duration of the activities and in all circumstances comply with any direction given to them by any servant, agent, independent contractor, sub-contractor, licensee or other officer of the activity operator.
      3. Activity operator means Mohawk Adventures Limited.
      4. I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of Mohawk Adventures Limited (Trading as Electric Bike Rotorua), as displayed at the point of sale. Furthermore, I confirm that the bike(s) are my responsibility whilst in my possession. I ride them at my own risk.

      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us