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      Get your bike serviced by the EBR E-bike Experts! 

      We're not just limited to E-bikes; we can also work on any other type of bicycle.

      Reach out today and let us give you a smooth ride in no time

      General Check

      It all starts with the 'General Check'. 

      The 'General Check' is our most booked/popular service, and there is a reason for that!


      It is a great cost effective way to stay on top of your bikes maintenance and to prevent higher costs down the line. 

      If there is more work required, the EBR mechanics will advise on further repairs, defects and maintenance. This way you only pay for what your ride needs.

      Say goodbye to the high prices of service plans and hello to an affordable solution with us today!

      Contact us on (+64) 7 460 0844 for any questions.

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      Book your bike in for a General Check with the EBR E-bike Experts