Learn a little about our team and what each one of us bring to the table:


Engineer, Mechanic, Tour guide
Coming from the very flat Netherlands, Thijs discovered the amazing network of trails in Rotorua and fell in love with the place. An engineer by trade, his meticulous attention to detail and passion for problem solving raised the standard in which we can offer workshop services. When not pushing the boundaries of what is possible with ebikes in store, he's out playing flying dutchman on the trails. 


Marketing and Administration
In charge of looking after the back end, marketing and keeping the boys in line (not an easy feat). Frankie is qualified with a bachelor in business studies, majoring in sport management. With a strong background in tourism and customer service, Frankie looks after many of our booking requests and her knowledge of the forest and love of nature is always there to help you make the most from your day.



Sales and Operations
With a strong background in events, management and service industries, Joe looks after the front of house operations and pushes objectives to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. With a passion for both mountain biking and anything with a motor, Joe has found his mecca in Rotorua.



Trail dog, Concierge, Instagram Model
Equally as passionate about bikes much as the rest of the team, Alfie is happiest when out burning through trails. His favorites include Challenge and Be Rude Not To. When not on the trails, he can often be found lounging around in the shop where he's sure to greet anyone who will give him the time of day. As well as these laborious activities, he also makes sure he has time to focus on his modeling career. Check out his Insta here.