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      Our tour offering is provided through our sister company Mohawk Ebike Tours!

      Click on the big blue ball to be taken to the Mohawk Ebike site:


      About Mohawk Ebike Tours

      Mohawk's focus is to provide our bikers with a premium day trip experience for riders of all skill levels. We provide transport, full guiding service, high end electric bikes and a few shots of your experience to share straight from social media. We carry basic mechanical equipment and first aid to ensure you are cared for throughout your time with us. 

      If you can ride a bike, then we can look after the rest. We have tours that cater to riders of all levels and our fleet of electric bikes are very capable of propelling you through some of the best and most beautiful trails in New Zealand. 

      If you are a proficient rider, try one of our more advanced rides. These will test your skills and allow you to ride under the care of our instructors.

      Our Redwood rides are a semi-guided experience where we will guide you to suitable trail heads and let you loose in the bike park while staying nearby for a helping hand where needed.

      So come and experience the vistas and exhilarating trails on a bike that really turns you into a machine!

      Check out our daily tours, combos, lunch options, private tours and reviews below: