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      Tern GSD Sidekicks with Decks

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      The Sidekick Wide Decks extend the GSD’s integrated lower decks widthwise to 12 cm. They provide passengers with more comfy foot space, and riders with extra peace-of-mind when carrying kids. Designed to support up to 35 kg each, the Sidekick Wide Decks are a great place to stash a toolbox or cooler. If you’re hauling serious cargo, you’ll want to keep the weight low to the ground for better handling and stability—and the Sidekick Wide Decks are ready for action.

      The Sidekick Wide Decks are a foot support component of the Passenger System. Other accessories are required in order to safely carry passengers.

      • Supports up to 35 kg per deck (70 kg total)
      • Extends the GSD rear deck out to 12 cm for added comfort and foot protection
      • Keeps loads low to the ground for improved handling and stability when riding with heavy cargo
      • Provides extra support and reduces strain on fully loaded Cargo Hold 37 and Cargo Hold 52 Panniers
      • Slotted openings make it easy to strap in heavy or unwieldy cargo
      • Combine with the Captain’s Chair or Clubhouse+ to carry long items vertically (think fishing poles or gardening tools)
      • Strong, durable design made from corrosion-resistant aluminum
      • Easy to install


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