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      Tern GSD G2 Sidekick Double Wide Decks

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      Unfold the Sidekick Doublewide Decks to instantly transform your GSD into the bike equivalent of a big rig. These extra-wide lower decks have a combined capacity of 100 kg (220 lb) to let you haul things you never thought possible—from massive boxes to water cooler tanks to ... maybe your favorite chair? When you're done, just fold up the Sidekick  Doublewide Decks and secure them in front of or behind the Cargo Hold 52 Panniers to reclaim your normal streamlined ride.

      • Supports up to 100 kg (220 lb) of cargo (50 kg or 110 lb per side)
      • 25 cm (10 in) width accommodates bulky items like toolboxes, coolers, and kegs
      • Keeps big loads low to the ground for easier hauling
      • Can be used as a footrest when hauling cargo plus a big passenger
      • Stows seamlessly behind or in front of Cargo Hold 52 Panniers when not in use
      • Requires the Lockstand Extensions


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