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      E-bike Rentals

      Check out the frequently asked questions below!

      Frequently asked questions

      I don’t know how long I will be out riding so how long should I book the bike?

      We recommend booking the bike for the maximum time you want to ride for, to make the most of your ride and reduce any need to rush back. If the bikes are returned early, don't worry, we only charge you for the time you've been out for (rates available in booking process).

      Can I extend my booking time on the day?

      If the bike is available for the extra time, we are happy to extend the booking for you! Let us know at check in. 

      I don’t have a credit card to pay the deposit, how can I book my rental? 

      You can visit us in store or at the rental site to pay the deposit in person to confirm your booking. However, we do require a credit card on file for security reasons before we can send the bike out on the day. 

      Can I cancel my booking if it rains on the day?

      Not everyone likes to ride in the rain and sometimes it is better to avoid the wet weather conditions, that’s why we offer the option to reschedule your booking to an alternative date.
      We operate a 48-hour cancellation & rebooking policy. If it rains on the day and you prefer riding in dry weather, we can reschedule your booking to a different day.

      In the event of extreme weather conditions, we might need to cancel the booking for your safety.

      Please note, if you utilise the rescheduling option within 48 hours of your start time this will forfeit the ability to qualify for a refund on this booking.

      I need to cancel my booking; can I get a refund?

      If the start of your booking is outside the 48-hours, we can cancel your booking and fully refund the deposit paid. For cancellations inside the 48-hour period, there is no refund on the deposit, however rescheduling your booking to a different date remains an option. 

      How long does the E-bike battery last? 

      This is probably the most asked question, unfortunately there is no simple answer. 

      The range of a battery is dependent on a lot of variables like battery size, rider’s/load weight, support mode used, elevation, type of terrain and even the outside temperature.
      To give you an example: most of our customers ride the forest loop in the 2nd or 3rd highest assist mode. They often return with 30-50% of the battery left. This is a gentle graded 2 mountain bike 40km ride, with no steep climbs and a total elevation of around 500 meters. 
      We often see that the bigger sizes (L & XL) use a bit more battery, as the taller riders generally weigh a bit more than those on a size S or XS frame.

      If you want a more precise range calculation, Bosch has a great online tool. See the link here

      Do you have trail maps available? 

      We have paper maps available for city cruising and the geothermal park.
      For the mountain biking experience in the forest, we recommend downloading the Trail Forks App, a real-time map on your phone. This App shows you the trail network in the forest and works with your GPS location. Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you can use the map offline. We can help you setting-up the App on the day but is recommended to explore the app prior to your rental as it does take some planning time.

      Wanting some inspiration on where to ride? Please visit our local route suggestions here. These routes suggestions are linked to the Trail Forks App already.

      Can I bring my own helmet and pedals? 

      There is nothing nicer than riding with your own helmet and pedals. Feel free to bring these on the day - we are happy to install your own pedals on our E-bikes.

      Can I ride outside of the opening hours? 

      Yes, you can! For those wanting to make the most of the daylight and ride outside our opening hours (9am -5pm) we offer overnight or multi-day rentals. We will provide a charger to charge the bike overnight.

      The bike must be stored securely at a private, enclosed area. If you are visiting Rotorua, please check if your accommodation has secure indoor bike storage, as E-bikes are hot property. We do have locks available on request if you want an additional layer of security.

      Can I hire overnight? 

      Absolutely! You can book the E-bike just for an overnight rental (pick-up at 4.30-5pm till 9am the next day). For an overnight booking we charge the 4-hour/half day rate. Please contact us if you like to book an overnight rental.
      You can also book the bike for a 24-hour period or longer.
      Please note the bike must be stored securely at a private, enclosed area. If you are visiting Rotorua, please check if your accommodation has secure indoor bike storage, as E-bikes are hot property. We do have locks available on request if you want an additional layer of security.

      What happens if I get a flat tyre or a mechanical issue while riding? 

      We offer mechanical support for our rental E-bikes within Rotorua during our opening hours. If you have an issue with the bike while out riding, give us a bell (number sticker located on the bike frame). Sometimes we can resolve the issue over the phone. If not, we will arrange a meeting point in the forest and do our best to get you back on the bike asap.

      If you are riding the bike outside of Rotorua, we recommend carrying some spare parts and a multi tool for possible emergencies on the trail. Feel free to contact us about this as we’ll have all that is needed in our store both physically and online: see our shop here.

      If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us: