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      Tern GSD Shortbed Tray Rear Cargo Carrier

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      The Shortbed Tray is a heavy-duty cargo upgrade for the GSD that carries serious loads low to the ground. It fits standard 600 × 400 mm Eurocrates, so you can carry up to 80 liters of provisions. Pack it with a cooler and save the day at soccer practice, or leave it in its original configuration for IKEA runs. Depending on your cargo preference, mount it parallel or perpendicular. Offers easy access for swapping and removing one or two batteries.

      • Heavy-duty rear cargo carrier, designed to transport up to 35 kg (77 lb)
      • Built to fit standard 600 × 400 mm Eurocrates, coolers and the weekend IKEA haul
      • Mounts perpendicular or parallel, depending on your load and preference
      • Includes two Tern SideStrap bungees
      • Compatible with vertical-standing storage


      • Max Dimensions (per unit)
        446 × 627 × 81 mm (17.6 × 24.7 × 3.2 in)
      • Material
      • Load Capacity
        35 kg (77.2 lb)
      • Weight (per set)
        3 kg (6.6 lb)

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