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      Rhyolite First Edition - Demo bike

      Please complete the enquiry form if you would like to book this demo bike or call us on 07 460 0844


      Rhyolite First Edition - Demo bike available in large and medium. 

      Framesets, custom builds or ready to ride options.
      It is all possible with our 'First Edition e-MTB'

      Zero Compromises

      Build your bike exactly as you want with everything that matters to you. Spec'd exactly as you desire.

      New Shimano EP801 drive unit and battery system

      A new level of smooth and customisation while still delivering class leading power

      Carbon Frame  

      Seamless sleek looks which deliver exceptional strength and a light-weight frame. Thanks to hand laid carbon fibre

      Keeping it tidy

      Internally routed cables tidy your cockpit and allow you to focus on the stuff that matters

      Trail Focused Geometry

      Curated by local riders with performance in mind, our bikes can be offered on 27.5, mullet and 29'' wheels- each offering unique riding experience 

      for more info visit the official Rhyolite Website 

      Are you interested in this product and like to test ride a demo bike. 

      Please complete the enquiry form below. 

      Get in touch today!

      Please complete the enquiry form below if you would like to book a demo bike

       Provide as much information as possible and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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