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      King Song 16X

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      Following on from the awesome success of the 18L/XL in 2018, King Song are now taking the same motor (and the same power supply) and are putting it into a brand-new totally-redesigned 16 inch wheel... The KS-16X!

      This is potentially the funkiest new ride for 2019, with all the performance of the 18L combined with the added torque of a 16" wheel.

        •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
        •  Headlamp and brake light
        •  Configurable LED sidelights
        •  Real-time motor monitoring for extra safety
        •  Automatic motor cut-off when lifted
        •  5 × Bluetooth speakers (amplified)
        •  Dual charging ports (for faster recharge)


      Having delivered the "best" all-round new wheel for 2018, King Song is now taking this success and scaling it down into the totally new-look KS-16X. With more power than the 18XL crammed into a smaller shell, with a 16×3" tyre, the power of the 16X will be more than you could wish for!

      With a totally new look and the 3" wide tyre, the 16X is already positioned to become "the wheel of 2019"! Whether you have a relaxed urban jungle commute or ride hard out in the actual jungle of New Zealand, the raw climbing power of this wheel combined with the grip that comes from a 3" tyre is expected to be phenomenal.

      Included in the box is;

        •  KS-16X electric unicycle
        •  KS-16X user guide
        •  King Song 84V battery charger


      Wheel Size: 405 Mm / 16" x3'' 
        Battery Capacity: 1554 Wh
          Motor Power: 2200 W
            Voltage: 67 V
              Maximum Speed: 50 km/h 
                Maximum Load: 120 Kg

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