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      King Song 16S

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      If you want to have a bit of everything in your wheel and you want to have fun taking the long way to get anywhere, then consider the KS-16S.

      With this wheel you get;

        •  Integrated trolley handle for portability
        •  Sensor to disengage motor when lifted
        •  Leg pads to maximise ride comfort
        •  Headlamp and brake light
        •  Configurable LED side lights
        •  Bluetooth speakers
        •  Cooler inside for heat dissipation
        •  Android/iPhone app connectivity


      Note: Standard colours for this model are silver or matte black. White or gloss black are available, but by special order only.


      Measuring 506mm (H) x 463mm (L) x 196mm (W) the KS-16S is a great "all-purpose" wheel. And with a choice of battery sizes available, you can have long range or "even longer" range.

      With Bluetooth connectivity to your Android or iPhone, you can view information about the wheel and adjust configurable settings - this includes the riding characteristics of the wheel, some safety settings and also display options for the LED side lights. You can also stream music to the wheels internal speakers.


      Included in the box is;

        •  KS-16S electric unicycle
        •  KS-16S user guide
        •  King Song 67V battery charger


      Wheel Size: 405 Mm / 16" x2.125'' 
        Battery Capacity: 840 Wh
          Motor Power: 1200 W
            Voltage: 67 V
              Maximum Speed: 50 km/h 
                Pedal Height: 120 Mm
                  Weight: 18 Kg
                    Maximum Load: 120 Kg

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