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      Gotway MTEN3

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      Possibly the most-fun EUC ever made, the Mten3 will definitely put a smile on anyone's face!

      Whether you are looking for a fun second-wheel to keep handy, or just after a "last miler" the Mten3 is worth a look...

        •  An insane 10" × 3" (tubeless) tyre
        •  Leg pads to maximise ride comfort
        •  Headlamp
        •  LED sidelights
        •  Motor cut-off switch for lifting the wheel
        •  Android/iPhone app connectivity


      • Wheel Size: 255 Mm / 10''x 3"
      • Battery Capacity: 512 Wh
      • Motor Power: 800 W
      • Maximum Speed: 40 Km/h
      • Maximum Load: 120 Kg

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