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      Dirtsurfer Them Pineapples Mudguard

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      After more than a decade spent designing and manufacturing the worlds most detailed custom-shaped frame protection and well over two decades carving lines into the hillside in my spare time — the frustrated artist genes could be held back no more and have leaked out in bold blasts of colour and creativity. Dirtsurfer is our name and philosophy and our mudguard is the first in a decidedly unsubtle line of products that allow you to protect your bike and style your bike at the same time.  

      Get out there and surf the dirt!

      DESIGN: Dirtsurfer mudguards have been specially designed to protect your face, fork stanchions and fork seals by deflecting the water, mud and crud (whatever form that might be) that is thrown up from your tyre. If you've ever copped mud in your eye or poo in your teeth, you already understand the value of a Dirtsurfer mudguard. 
      MATERIAL: Custom extruded polypropylene comprising 50% recycled and 50% virgin material to yield a lightweight yet stiff and durable base material.
      ENVIRONMENTAL: Dirtsurfer mudguards and packaging are 100% recyclable — so your green credentials have improved.
      ARTWORK: We're pushing out a constant stream of custom designed artworks, so you can style your bike in so many ways. We print using the very latest in high resolution UV flatbed print technology which prints directly onto polypropylene. The prints are UV cured and direct cut but some seriously cool kit.
      WEIGHT: A measly 28g, perfect for racers (and everyone else)
      WHEEL SIZE: Suits all mtb wheel diameters from 29+ right down to the now somewhat retro 26"
      INSTALLATION: 4 zip ties is all that is needed for a snug and secure fitting to your fork. The recommended method for routing of cable ties and installation is explained brilliantly through the universally understood (and Ikea-esque) step-by-step infographic. 


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