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      Ride around in style

      With A Unique Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

      An Electric Unicycle is a single-wheeled, self-balancing transport unit. It works with a technology called gyro-stabilisation, to keep the rider balanced. As the name suggests, it works with a battery to power the unit. This makes the EUC faster and easier to ride then a standard unicycle.

      Hire an Electric Unicycle for 48 hours to experience the fun. 

      This includes 45 minutes of coaching to get the basic skills. 



      *hire costs are credited if you purchase an EUC

      How it works

      Like all E-scooters and E-bikes, an electric unicycle is powered by a battery, without the need for pedalling or using a throttle. Instead, the unicycle is equipped with the gyro-stabilizing technology which reacts on the shifting of the rider’s weight. If you lean forward, the EUC will accelerate, if you shift your weight to the back, the EUC will slow down and come to a stop. To change direction, you slightly tip your weight to either your left of right foot or by twisting your hips.

      Riding an EUC might look tricky to master, but it is easier than it looks. Of course, practise will be necessary, but learning the basics of riding the EUC is no harder than learning how to ride a bike.

      With running cost of under one cent per kilometre, and the portability of the unit, an Electric Unicycle is a great eco-friendly transporter in and around town.

      Electric Unicycles

      Book a trial session & Two-Day Rental

      includes 45 minutes of coaching

      Experience the amazing feeling of riding an Electric Unicycle and learn how to master the basics.

      This rental is great to see if riding an EUC is something for you

      48 hour rental includes a coaching session (approx 45 min.) and the Electric Unicyle with helmet. 


      *Total price of this rental is refundable with a purchase of an EUC

      Enquire today 

      We will get back to you ASAP.

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      Can I try an Electric Unicycle? 

      We totally understand that you would like to try an EUC before you consider buying one. Therefore, we offer trial sessions, where you can rent an EUC to experience the fun. The good news is that the rental costs are refundable with an EUC purchase. 

      Is it difficult to learn to ride an EUC?

      Learning to ride an EUC is no harder than learning how to ride a normal bike. Practise will be necessary, but usually within 2 hours the rider should have the basics covered.

      We are happy to provide coaching where possible (book a coaching session)

      There are also good training videos on Youtube available that cover the basics of riding an EUC.

      Are Electric Unicycles legal?

      At the moment EUC are somewhat ‘’ undefined’’ under the New Zealand law. This is being reviewed, but until something changes officially EUC are not permitted to be ridden on the roads. This is because an EUC is generally considered as a motor vehicle, but as it cannot be registered (like a car), it cannot be ridden on the road.

      Footpaths and cycleways are acceptable, and of course private property.

      Wherever they are being ridden, riders should always ride responsibly, be conscious of nearby pedestrians and treat them with courtesy and respect.

      Please note: it is the rider’s responsibility to obtain their own legal opinion regarding legality.

      How fast and far can you go?

      The speed and the travel distance of an Electric Unicycle varies per model and specifications. However, most EUC have a maximum speed of 30 to 50 km/h. The speed can be limited by using the app on your smart phone.

      The range on an EUC is depended on the battery size, terrain and rider’s weight.

      Can you ride on hills and off-road?

      Yes. It is all about the physics - moving a certain mass from point a to point b will use a certain amount of power. And provided there is enough charge in the battery to provide that power requirement, it will get up that hill.

      Depending on the specifications, EUC can definitely be ridden off-road. There are even off-road specific units available.

      Is riding an EUC safe?

      Generally speaking, EUC's are safe. But like any other motorized vehicle it does come with risks. The faster you go, the harder you can fall. Therefore, it is important to be a responsible rider and ride with consideration for others around you at all times!

      We recommend wearing safety gear: helmet, wrist guards and elbow and knee pads.